Why did I choose this as my FYS?

From Grimm To Disney was not actually my first choice when choosing FYS courses. It was a close second behind the FYS that I believe was called “Bullshit”. I have always read a lot, especially fantasy, and while I didn’t spend a great deal of time on fairy tales themselves, I recognize their importance in inspiring modern fiction.

The interest I’ve had in fairy tales has always been this sort of abstract thing – I can’t really say that I have a favorite story, so much as I have favorite themes, or story elements. While I of course value originality in the books I read, I also appreciate some common themes that are carried over from fairy tales. The idea of an underdog triumphing over impossible odds (isn’t unique to fairy tales, nor solely inspired by them, but they have definitely done a great deal to popularize the idea.

I’m looking forward to reading into the subtext and reasoning behind why fairy tales are the way they are, and I’m curious to see whether this class will have any overlap with the elementary German course I am also taking.

(I realize this blog entry is late – I had written it and I *thought* I’d published it Sunday night, but when checking things before class I realized that it had not, in fact, been published)

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